Monday 30 July 2012

New Zealand at the Olympics

Just a short comment today, sparked by our 'wonderful' media...

In NZ there is a lot of moaning about our lack of medals at Olympics. Now… one of our swimmers was in a final last night, finishing 7th, and one news commentator described her performance as 'disappointing'!

Grrrrr!!! Give me a strength!!!!

For heaven's sake, she was just in a race that has her in the top 8 in the WORLD - and yet we continue to belittle the efforts of our athletes when we don't win every time!

I have a dollar that says we will have an 'inquiry' after the Olympics to find out why we didn't beat everybody else.

Fact: there are more people living in Sydney than live in the whole of NZ!

Next, look at the achievements of our athletes, our All Blacks, netballers, rowers, soccer team in the World cup... and all those other athletes we produce.

You know, we do extremely well! Start to acknowledge them with pride kiwis!!!