Tuesday 7 January 2014

How long? Are we there yet?

Hi folks... I thought I'd better drop in and leave a note, just in case there is a time limit on no activity for the Blog page - but apparently there isn't (well, not that I can find out, anyway!)

However I was amazed to find that the last time I was here was December in 2012 - I really didn't think it was that long ago.
But time is going quickly. At the end of this year I will have been in the education system for 40 years as a student teacher / teacher / DP / Principal... (Add the time I spent as a student at school and the total is 52 years! I didn't take a break between finishing school and starting at Teachers' College.)

That's a long time. Where'd it all go?
I have often wondered what happens to the kids I've taught. Where did they end up? What did they end up doing with their lives?
It is a rare moment when I get to connect with a student from my past and catch up. I must admit I would like to do it more often.

I would also like to catch up with old friends from school, people I spent a lot of my youth with but who have faded into the distance with time (and distance!)

Mark Walker? Dave Sugden? Alasdair MacIntosh? Are you guys out there?
Paparoa Street School, Christchurch Boys' High...

If by chance you guys ever read this, please get in touch. I'd love to catch up and see how your lives turned out...

(You can always find me through "Extinct Toys" online...!)

The Welsh Kiwi