Thursday 18 March 2010

Gee... this account is still going? I was going to set up a new blog but on the off-chance came looking here...

Since my last entry I have traveled to Melbourne - lovely place, very like Christchurch. Only spent about 5 days there, but it was a lovely flight, quick and comfortable, great weather (most of the time) we were there and lots of good memories. The wildlife farm was awesome!

Now, The Welsh Kiwi is on the road again later this year, and so are other members of the family. Later this year we are sampling the delights of a pacific island (another tick on the Bucket list!) This time my daughter and her husband are joining me... They've been before and it was their suggestion to go back.
While winter makes itself comfortable in the deep south of NZ, I'll be relaxing on a warm beach in the middle of the Pacific, sipping on my drink as I watch the sunset through the palms... Or something like that! *grin!* I can't wait!

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