Tuesday 18 December 2012

Just thinking...

I see in the news our illustrious politicians have agreed that they deserve a pay rise, but that they will only expect the same as the general populace or maybe a little less. They think 1.5% is about right.

Now I must emphasise before I go on, that being a politician is honestly NOT a career I could do or would ever want to, plus the stress levels are in no way compensated by the perks and trappings of the job (brilliant though they are).

But the politicians are also SO out of touch with the general populace.
Let's not talk in percentages as they want us to. We're not thick - we can do the math...

1.5% of $141,000 (approximate base backbencher salary - and I won't even bring up the PM's $400,000+ salary or a cabinet minister's $260,000 but you might like to...) is $2115, double the 1.5% of the Joe Citizen median of just under $63,000 ($930). (And FYI, that figure is a median number - half of NZers earn more than that, half earn less.)
Oh, don't forget it is being backdated too...

I think politicians are paid more than enough. (Perks are not included in those totals.)

So now I'll sit back and watch the MoE, on instructions from their 'illustrious' Minister (earning a base salary of $257,000 +1.5% - backdated) grant teachers their well-deserved pay-rise with the same ease the politicians are getting theirs, eh?

Oooh, look! That pig...! It - it's FLYING!!!

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