Thursday 30 August 2012


Listen carefully, people.

Hear that?

It is the sound of nails being firmly driven into the coffin of a decent, moral society...

Over the last few days, I have been following the direction our little country has been going - with a lot of concern.

1. Same sex marriages.

Last night a law allowing same sex marriages passes its first reading in parliament.
Marriage in any society I can think of (and I stand willing to be corrected) is between a man and a woman. We already allow civil unions which puts homosexuals and lesbians on an even legal footing with the heterosexuals in our community. So there is absolutely no need to redefine marriage.
I deplore the decisions of our politicians, even more so those responsible for even introducing the bill.


2. The legal drinking age.

Today the same politicians voted to keep the legal drinking age at 18.
This decision was made despite the evidence that the lower (18 years) drinking age has caused more grief in our communities than the 20 year age limit ever did.
Oh, I agree with the widely expressed views that the ready availability through corner dairies and the like has contributed, but studies have also shown the effect it has been having on our youth.
Binge drinking, more younger people gaining access to alcohol, higher death rates from drunk driving accidents...

Other arguments are that 18 year olds can vote, marry, fight for their country - and one young politician was seen on the news tonight saying that if they can do this, then surely they are entitled to a quiet beer or a glass of wine at the end of the day.
Alcohol has nothing to do with those activities. Alcohol changes their thinking and behaviour. Young men in particular are still maturing.
I make no apologies for my views - but that isn't what they are doing.
A quiet beer at the end of the day?
The youth are binge drinking, getting smashed, driving on our roads and endangering themselves and others. Those who can legally buy are doing so and providing it to younger people.

The politicians have this one wrong too. You are consigning the youth of our community to a booze driven culture which, if you leave it much longer, you will not be able to change.


3. Adoption of children by same sex couples.

Drawn today in the ballot is a bill promoting the adoption of children by same-sex couples.

All our children have the right to be brought up by a father and a mother.

I have no doubts about the genuine desire of these couples but this, like the same sex marriage bill, is an attempt to make same sex relationships acceptable and be formally recognised as equal to heterosexual relationships and families.

No apologies. But they are not.

I deplore this decision by our politicians also, even more so those responsible for even introducing the bill.


4. And in the meantime...

The rich thrive and the poor get poorer.
Violence in our communities continues to increase.
The people in earthquake damaged homes wait while the powers that be revel in their beautiful new commercial district plans.
Convicted criminals get light sentences without thought by the courts for the effect they have had on their victims.

And so it goes on...

So... Listen carefully, people.

Hear that?

It is the sound of nails being firmly driven into the coffin of a decent, moral society...


  1. Well written John. Sadly, the nails are being driven deep by people who are most definitely not the government of the people by the people and for the people!

    The homosexual law reform bill was pushed through in total disregard for the overwhelming 200,000 plus signatures against it. The 'anti-smacking' bill was also pushed through with a similar smack in the face to the voting public.

    And so it continues.

    And what really takes the cake, is that the traditional so-called right wing conservative National party appears hell bent on leading the way on this greased poll to a moral quagmire (is that last word Welsh? - it sounds like it should be).

    Anyway, don't stop writing... .it will be a testimony against those in power when the inevitable happens - the country becomes morally bankrupt!

    Yet, despite this real doom and gloom, we can still pray and there is good news to be found

  2. Oh calm down and get off your high horse John, New Zealand is not horrible. I'm proud that we are considering marriage equality.

  3. No high horses involved and I agree New Zealand is a great place. Marriage is for one man and one woman, traditionally (originally?) with the basis of procreation. Legal equality can be gained for same sex couples through civil unions.
    They do not need marriage.