Wednesday 8 August 2012

Extinct Toys


Just to let people know we have finally managed to get our little website up and running.

"Extinct Toys"  is all about old fashioned wooden toys, with a few modern twists thrown in.
On our web page you will find samples of our work and you are welcome to contact us and order toys.
As we are only just starting up the ideas, we are testing different designs and welcome feedback from our customers about our products, especially ways of improving the toys

For materials we use recycled beech and rimu, some pine and any other old high quality wood we can put to a good use.

All toys use child and food-safe materials for coating:
  • Dulux™ and Resene™ water based paints
  • Ruskin's Danish Oil (child and food safe)
Glues used are PVA and a small amount of ADOS where we are joining different materials.

Our grand-daughter Hannah, her friends and parents test drive our products!

Many of our toys are new ideas and we are still sorting out costs.
We have to take into account the time involved and materials, but we are a small, part-time business so we don't expect our prices for the toys to be huge and increases would only happen when our costs go up.

Please note that we do not currently ship overseas.
Shipping costs very much depend where in NZ we are shipping to. At present we are arranging shipping costs on a per sale basis, but to be honest, picking up your purchases is much preferred! Get in touch with us about queries and we can make arrangements that suit.

If you have good quality timber you no longer need (e.g. old furniture, beds etc) and we can use the wood, we will happily collect and take it off your hands, providing the wood is useable and is in good condition (e.g. no borer)

Please get in touch with us for enquiries, suggestions for toys or ways to improve our products. We will do our best to make custom toys based on our ideas, yours or those of others (with permission, of course) to your specifications.

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