Monday 20 August 2012

"The inmates are in control of the asylum"

Politicians and their jobs

I'm going to start with a quote from a Facebook page, then my response is below...

"When i voted for National I was not voting for asset sales including the sale of land and water. I was voting against policies being passed in government contrary to public support in a non-democratic way. I seem to have gotten the same. At the moment I, along with many other people, feel very disappointed with the direction of NZ politics...what has happened to democracy? Don't want to vote for either National or Labour."

And my response?

Unfortunately electors now think they are voting for parties and their policies, not voting for people to represent them. This is encouraged by the politicians for obvious reasons and they can then ignore the fact they have been elected to represent the views of their electors/electorates. I once asked an MP to speak out about an issue on my behalf but I was told he could make up his own mind and he would vote on the issue as he saw fit. Really???? 

I'm with you (name of writer deleted). Our parliamentary system has been hijacked and taken away from us. 

(Who was it who said "The inmates are in control of the asylum...")

Your thoughts?

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