Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Boxing Day

We started the day with a walk into Shenfield. We checked out the railway station where I will be leaving from for the London Tour part of this trip. I return to Brentwood / Shenfield in mid-January.

On the way back we visited St Mary's church which originates in the 13th century. It is a wonderful piece of old England architecture. Peaceful and serene are the words that spring to mind.

We took Thomas back to London after lunch and David gave me a brief tour of the business part of the centre city. It was just on dusk, so the photos aren't great, but I will go there again in the daytime in the London Tour. We visited Lombard Street, London Bridge, the Guild Hall, saw the Bank of England and Leadenhall Market, where they used to sell game and birds eg poultry.

(Have a hunt for the story of 'The Blind Beggar' pub on the 'Net... ;o)

I'm fairly certain I will have some sort of access to continue the blog in almost all the places I am being hosted, and the photos get closer. I now have them on computer, but as yet they are still in original, large format. I have to find a good PC based program to reduce them in size.

I am heading to Wales in the morning. This is going to be quite an emotional day for me, I feel, and I will be spending about three weeks meeting family and seeing where my parents grew up. The plans in place take in large parts of Wales from the South to the West and North.
I have been hearing about this place for nearly fifty years...

Tomorrow I will be there...

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