Sunday, 30 December 2007


Still can't get the blog working with photos :o(
It's also the fact I can't get the pics reduced in size to something reasonable...
Contact me on the 'teacher' email if you want me to try sending the odd pic through to you separately...

Interesting day today - went to a place called Llanwonno where there is a very historic church - in which my grandmother was married! Mavis suggested this trip, and she is full of information and stories. I am going over to see her tomorrow afternoon with the family tree (well that's the plan, anyway.) I also now have two books of photos of old Rhondda, one I bought and one Mavis has given me. I have photos of some places in the present that correspond with the old ones, such as Hannah Street in Porth... Nice comparisons...

Went to a lovely old pub called The Griffin tonight (it is locally known as 'The Bog' because of it's location) at Pat's request to meet some of his mates, who gave me a hard time for being a New Zealander who didn't support Graham Henry... heheh

The blog will have to take a break from around the 7th to the 15th as I will not have internet access (or so it seems based on my itinerary). Sorry about that. I'll keep trying to see if I can find a way around this problem without going through expensive public access cafes.

Hope you have a good New Year's eve - I'll make contact to see if 2008 actually arrives, as I will still be in 2007 (that's weird, eh?)
BEHAVE yourselves!

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