Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Christmas Dinner

Okay... I've rolled away from the dining table where we had turkey (with gravy and cranberry sauce), leeks with cheese sauce, sausages wrapped in bacon, delicious crispy roast potatoes, roast sweet potato and parsnip, carrots and brussel sprouts, and finished with a true Christmas pudding with cream and brandy butter. The temptation to creep to a comfy armchair and snooze is h-u-g-e..! heheh

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  1. From Kiwiland - Invers: Clifton


    Or should I say Ieuan!

    Well I'm pleased to hear that you can at least roll yourself out the door and that you haven't got to the next state of needing the help of someone else.

    As you know, we're into boxing day here. After a very full Christmas day, I slept in till 10am and felt really lazy but not guilty. We had the Aitkens, the Makahununiu's and my mum here for Christmas dinner which was a rolling dinner really.

    After going to the Christmas day Church service we drifted in to our place at Clifton over a period of about 2hrs (Andrew had to do some work at the pharmacy) and began grazing among the many nibbles spread over two rooms (and in the pantry). Lunch was at 3 and dessert at 7, with more nibbling inbetween.

    But we did do some other stuff too on what was a mild, sunny at the start, but otherwise overcastish day with a couple of light spots of rain. The highlight of the present opening was watching Lile (6 weeks old on the day) falling asleep between her mum and dad as they were opening her presents on her behalf. We've got some videos to show you sometime.

    Then there were the phone calls (both cell and landline) from and to the family stretched out across the country. And last but certainly not least, we celebrated Christmas with a little family Christmas devotion followed by praying together.

    The day ended with a time of giving thanks for all the blessings we had enjoyed over the year. This included a few profound as well as emotional moments as we rejoiced together in what God has done in our lifes, the most important being that he sent us Jesus to be our saviour - we really needed a saviour.

    Well, John/Ieuan, I hope that you are able to continue the Welsh hospitality for many more days and keep your health at the same time :) You are finally there! You've been looking forward to this for a long time and I hope it really is all and more than you hoped for and that you don't lose all those photos you are taking.

    Take care, God Bless, Geoff.

    PS. If you'd like to have a look at my updated (again) website you can Click Here. It has a new Christmassy Intro