Monday, 31 December 2007

New Year in the UK

Happy New Year to all from the UK!!

I'm writing this with just an hour or two to go to the New Year, although those of you back in NZ will already be in 2008, have had a good sleep and be going about your day!

It was a quiet day today, due to several factors. We had planned to go to Mavis' to work on the family tree after a bit of shopping, but it was a rainy, overcast sort of day so we didn't get underway until later than planned, and I've got back problems (again) although I am still mobile. I have been lying on the floor looking odd as I do my exercises (thx Norah!) but I haven't been able to keep up my swimming as I had hoped. (It's a bit like NZ at Christmas/ New Year - everything shuts down and normal opening patterns go a bit haywire!) I've been walking wherever I can (and distances are not so great that I can't) and that has been helping a bit.

We went to Tesco's, as there was a wee bit of shopping to do, and I needed to upload the pictures from the camera, which I have now done. I also visited Borders (wonderful shop). We spent an hour shopping, then another hour getting out of the car park... heheh
Seriously, the traffic was appalling!

In the afternoon I visited Mavis, and although we didn't work on the family tree due to the time I got there, we did take time to look over the map and see where I would be in the next week or two. We take in Laugharne, West Wales and Cardigan as the main points. I hope to go to Swansea on the way as well, particularly to look at the university there as Dad lectured there before moving to NZ.

In the next few days, before that, I am doing a tour of the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff, and a tour of the Rhondda Heritage Museum (I think I mentioned that before... or did I?) which has a simulation of a coal mine. We are also considering a visit to Carreg Cennen Castle ( or some alternative.

I do know that the odd Welsh gift/souvenir shop is on the cards... I can't leave here without a few Welsh dragons!

Wishing everyone a brilliant New Year - all the best for 2008!

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