Tuesday, 1 January 2008

A Day of History

I spent the majority of today with Aunty Mavis. I took the family tree sheet (as I have it so far) over with me and she was able to fill in a large number of the gaps, then took me further, adding different parts that she knew. Mavis also had a pile of old photographs, and we worked mainly on the male lineage, but she was able to add on my grandmother's side as well. Quite amazing memory, really.

She has a store of birth, death and marriage certificates for the family, all of which she has made available to me for copying. I will put together an album to go alongside the family tree sheets and records. Anne pulled an old school project of Jonathan's out, which includes much of the information I have been looking for, including birth places. This has also been made available for copying. Thx to the family for this help!

Tucked in amongst the photos was one of Mum & Dad's marriage day which I had never seen before. We spent nearly three hours talking and adding information, and I recorded some of the stories she was telling - a lovely addition to the album once I have digitised it from the tape and maybe added it to CD.

Quote of the morning: "If a boy doesn't think anything of his mother, he won't think anything of his wife."

This afternoon we went to Bridgend, where they have manufacturer's outlet stores (think DressMart, Kiwi readers), and I found a nice Welsh information and souvenir store. (There, some of the overdue Christmas presents were taken care of... heheh!) I also bought some Welsh rugby supporter clothing... :o)

We came home in time to catch the second half of the Newport Dragons vs Llanelli Scarlets rugby match ('y clyb rygbi' according to the TV logo although the match commentary was all in Welsh!). I was disappointed to see the Dragons score an extra time try to win 15 - 13!

The Millenium Stadium tour is tomorrow, with an opportunity to look around Cardiff as well. (I need some cash! The banks should be open!)

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