Thursday, 24 January 2008

A quiet day in Brentwood

To be honest, I didn't feel like doing much today! I walked into Brentwood to get a few things posted, and then declined an offer for more local sightseeing this afternoon. I sat down with a good book, a glass of coca cola, and snoozed a bit!

Mixed feelings at the moment. The end of the trip is close, and I'm torn between really looking forward to getting home and regretting that going home means this trip is over. There are only two days left here in Brentwood, one of which we will use for a trip to London to catch up on one or two other things I didn't get done, and the other will be a lazy day to sort, pack, and figure out what fits in the suitcase and what doesn't!

Part of me just wants a TARDIS to zap me back home without hassle, part of me wants those 2 days to extend out another couple of weeks.

However, on Sunday (UK time) I go to Heathrow and fly to Dubai - another new experience. I fly from there after a day or so giving me a chance to look around, and then I'm back in NZ late next week.

I feel like I have been eating for five weeks... My hosts all through this time (and the various pubs and cafes I have been visiting as I traveled) have all provided me with excellent food! As Julie put it today, it is kind of like an extended Christmas dinner!

Time to join weight watchers!

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