Sunday, 6 January 2008

Last Day in the Rhondda

It was, as predicted, a quiet day. The weather started beautifully, with blue sky and no wind, but gradually sank back into a rainy afternoon.

I made a trip to Tescos in the morning to offload the current crop of pictures to CD and then we went to The Lord Tonypandy for a carvery lunch. After that Pat was off to his next ship and Jonathan was off back to university, so I had a quiet evening watching some drama on TV and getting the packing started (but not finished!!)

I will call up to say goodbye to Mavis in the morning to thank her for all she has done to help me in my family 'quest', then back home for the last minute packing, before Alun & Sandra pick me up just after lunchtime. The next leg of my journey, with them, takes me over to West Wales, and as I have said, I may not be able to update as much as I have been up until now. I will do what I can, however.

Many thx to Anne, Pat and family for my stay here in the Rhondda. They have been wonderful hosts and have driven me round, taken me to all sorts of places, and shown me as much of the area's history and where my family has come from as anyone could possibly expect.

It has been an awesome experience being here in the Rhondda, and in many ways, quite emotional.
I can't quite find the words to describe it, but visiting the Rhondda, as I have done, has left me with a sense of fulfilment.

Thank you.


  1. Congrats welshkiwi,

    It sounds like you are making the most of your time there! My first trip (over ten years ago now) was truly a defining experience and I remain grateful to everyone who welcomed me and helped me get my feet in the UK. We'll bring baby ? to meet everyone as soon as he's old enough to travel.

    While you're there, have a pint of Copper Dragon for me (if you can get it that far south) and toast to some legendary tales and even stronger bonds between branches of the family in coming years.


    James (

  2. John is/has been following the trail blazed by James,with some interesting additions.When John returns to England there will be no rest!!More real ale/pubs...French people and shopping[with Julie]Good luck!!!