Friday, 25 January 2008

Baker Street

We set out this morning with the intention of visiting 221b Baker Street where the Sherlock Holmes museum is situated. Also we had the British Museum in mind, but in the end we were sidetracked by things Sherlockian, so to speak!

After riding the train to Liverpool Street station, then the underground to Baker Street station, we entered the building to find a very 'touristy' but fascinating set up. The rooms had been designed and furnished very much according to the books and stories, and there was even an actor dressed as Dr Watson to greet us. They had figures from some of the stories set up including a figure of Moriarty. Even the girls serving in the shop were in a costume reminiscent of the period.

There was a beautiful edition of the complete Holmes stories, but it was too expensive and heavy for my overloaded suitcase! We popped into the Beatles shop almost next door, then walked out past Madame Tussaud's waxworks (but didn't go in).

A quick discussion ensued and we decided on another trip on the tube designed to take us all the way to the Sherlock Holmes pub for a light lunch, but then, at my suggestion, Julie and I alighted at Westminster instead, right alongside the Houses of Parliament and 'Big Ben'. We walked over Westminster Bridge, and back, then round to have a look at Westminster Abbey, and the smaller St Margaret's Church alongside.

We caught a London black cab to finish the trip to the Holmes pub (my stomach clock had gone off a while back, and the wind was bitter despite the warmth from the sun). We had a lovely roast beef sandwich and I sampled a pint of Sherlock Holmes Ale, before we walked a bit further round to Trafalgar Square.

By now we had agreed to miss the British Museum for today rather than try to cram it into a less than adequate time to do it proper justice... and put it on the 'list of things to do next time when I come here with Elsa'.

We decided on an early return home and took the underground to Liverpool Street station and then home to Shenfield. The list of things to do has some excellent sites for the next trip... the British Museum, the Natural History Museum, a full tour of Westminster Abbey, the London Dungeons...

Indian takeaway for tea, tonight, I am told! Tomorrow I regrettably have to start the sorting and packing process for leaving on Sunday... :o(

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