Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Back from Paris...

Had a quiet day today, going into Brentwood to sort photos and posting and then, after a wonderful pub lunch (steak and ale pie - there is a business opportunity in there somewhere, for in NZ!) a drive to a quiet little village called Writtle, just to see something different.

Tomorrow Julie and I are going to go to London, the first port of call being the Tower of London, then traveling on a double-decker bus to Trafalgar Square and Picadilly Circus. The bus is actually called the heritage bus and is the only double-decker kept on the streets in the old style - where you get on the back of the bus and there is a conductor to take your money (think Harry Potter‘s Knight Bus). All the others are just double-decker versions of a single level bus that we have in NZ - pay-the-driver-as-you-get-on style, although they do have the 'bendy' bus, which is much longer and 'bends' in the middle!

We have been discussing things to do in London, and have thought about (in addition to the ones above) Madame Tussaud’s Waxworks, Tower Bridge, Lloyds, Guild Hall, Globe Theatre (Shakespeare), going to a West End show (‘Stomp’ is currently on, as is ‘The Mousetrap’ - Agatha Christie), Canary Wharf, Sherlock Holmes museum, British Museum, Hanleys (the largest toy shop in the world!) parliament buildings (including Big Ben), Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, Natural History museum, St Paul’s Cathedral… So there is lots to do (apart from shopping in some of the great shops!) and we will have to make a slection - and do some of the others when I come back!

The weather today was great, with wintry sun and blue skies. I was also chuffed to see some foxes today racing around in the field next to Julie and David’s house. They are bigger animals than I thought, and these ones were looking very well fed, which is unusual at this time of year. (Haven’t seen a badger yet though!)

Will log in tomorrow and update. Keep in touch!

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