Sunday, 13 January 2008

Back in the South

Firstly, thx to those who have sent me comments. Nice to get some feedback, and James, that's an ale I haven't come across yet, but I will look out for it! I was forced last night to actually drink the same ale twice (I have managed to drink a different beer every time I have gone out, so far!)

We traveled back to Trelewis this afternoon in pouring rain! Haven't seen so much rain fall in one go since I arrived here! Everything was running with water! I attended a family dinner last night at the Gwbert Hotel, where I was able to meet family of family (if that makes sense) and had a very enjoyable night with Marilyn, Len and their children and familes. Unfortunately a couple of others, Richard and Sian weren't able to attend, but I spoke to them by phone today.

Marilyn and Len's cottage at Netpool is delightful, and the Cliff Hotel where I stayed with Alun and Sandra was very comfortable. I would very much like to see Wales in the summer and, with luck, that will eventuate over the next year or three.

My thx to Alun and Sandra who opened up a part of Wales for me that I would not have seen otherwise, so I appreciate their time, and effort in hosting me.

Tomorrow is catch up with a bit of housekeeping (top up the phone again and get some cash in hand), then on Tuesday I move on to Emsworth inSouth England, near Portsmouth, for a couple of days with Glenda, before returning to David and Julie on Thursday.

Unfortunately I am now just two weeks from the end of the trip, but the past three weeks has been crammed full of family and memories, which has been awesome. I look forward to adding to it all over the next fortnight!

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