Saturday, 26 January 2008

Last blog from the UK

This will be my last online entry from the UK, and don't know if I will be able to access on the way back, but I will try. We take the train to Heathrow tomorrow (easier than driving) and I fly to Dubai where I stay until Tuesday (local time). The remainder of the journey will take me through Sydney, and then on to Christchurch, before flying the final leg home later that evening.

Had a quiet day today with just a walk in to town for some bubble wrap for the last few items in the packing, and tomorrow morning sees me trying to squeeze everything into the suitcase and under the luggage limit at the same time! (Miracles I perform at once... The impossible takes me a little longer.)

It has been a marvelous adventure (as Aunty Mavis called it) and Wales was the heart of it all.

To Julie & David, Anne & Pat and Sandra & Alun: without you this trip simply couldn't have been as wonderful as it has been.
You have made me feel very welcome, and you have been fantastic hosts, giving me a wonderful introduction to my extended family, showing me around, and bringing me 'home'.
As I have said before, I feel something has been completed inside - and you can take the credit for that!

Thank you.
Everyone has been very patient with an, at times, utterly bewildered Kiwi, and I still feel I am wandering around with my eyes wide open like a kid eying up the presents under the tree on Christmas morning, even after nearly six weeks.

To the family I was privileged to meet, to those I have talked to by phone because we couldn't meet, and to those I have yet to meet - thank you for making me welcome. I look forward to keeping in touch!

This time tomorrow I will be high in the skies and heading away. I have mixed feelings about that. Part of me wants to stay and keep going. Part of me wants to be back at home with my family I am missing terribly, but being home means the adventure is over, so I want it to continue, but home is calling, but...
Do you see my problem...?

* sigh! *

I guess the only solution is to find an opportunity to travel to the UK again! Next time Elsa will come with me and I can show her the places I have seen - and we can explore further... Scotland, North Wales, Ireland...

I will have to sign off - if I can't make a blog entry on the journey home, I will certainly put an entry in when I do get home (and get over the jet lag!)

Take care all, and thank you for reading.

The Welsh Kiwi

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